Aims and objectives

Aims and Objectives


GER aims at the human development through informed application of insight gained from the processes of economics. The journal considers economics as the backbone of transforming the future of humanity into that offers prosperity based on efficiency. Any improvement that is offered in the form of research often meets resistance. The journal assumes the role of challenger for existing biases in research and academics which block the way to human prosperity as they rely on stagnancy and appose innovation and application as the driving force of research. GER offers an opportunity for the researchers who share this mission and vision to publish their qualify work and share it with the humanity. GER, therefore, leads the field of economics in realizing the motto of efficient utilization of resources and exchange of goods and services that promote human prosperity.


GER promotes:


-      Quality research in all areas of economics

-      Excellent contents that utilize the best research tools

-      A platform for economics, academics, researchers and professional in allied field to collaborate in content of quality research projects in economics

-      Healthy dialogues, variety and respect for difference of viewpoints for uncovering the valid reliable facts.

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